Manitou Unveils New Aerial Platforms, Telehandlers, Forklifts at Intermat

The Manitou Group went all out at this year’s Intermat trade show in Paris and introduced at least eight new or improved lifting and access products, all aimed at optimizing total cost of ownership.

Manitou’s new or improved offerings include two new versions of existing aerial work platforms (the 180 ATJ and 100 VJR), two brand-new straight-mast rough-terrain forklifts (the MC 25 and MC 30), the MRT 2470 rotating telehandler, and the MT 420H compact telehandler. In addition, Manitou is launching its all-aluminum 4200/365 3-person work platform that can be used on all MT and MRT (rotating) telehandlers. Rounding out Manitou’s parade of new or improved products is its Easy Manager connected solution.

The 100 VJR is another evolution in Manitou’s range of aerial work platforms. With a  new  counterweight  and  a  modified  turret  fitted  with  fork  blades,  the aerial work platform can now be moved by a forklift truck. New anchorage points have been added to the masthead, facilitating slinging operations for transporters.   Intended   for   use   when   carrying   out   operations   such   as maintaining metal  roofs  or  assembling  structures  for  events,  this model is 30 ft. high and has a maximum platform capacity of 440 lbs.

The Manitou group is presenting the very latest version of its 180 ATJ aerial work platform. Its new Stage V engine requires no exhaust aftertreatment. Its Kubota engine's fuel consumption has been reduced from 26 kWh on the previous version to 19 kWh, while the lift delivers better performance thanks to a variable-flow hydraulic pump. It has a Stop & Go system and also features easy-to-use anchoring points for transport. The model has been designed to meet rental company requirements and has a total cost of ownership that’s 8% lower than the previous version. The design has also been overhauled: wider wheels mean optimum safety when the platform is moving.

The Manitou group is using the 60th birthday of its first Manitou forklift to give Intermat visitors a sneak preview of two new models. The MC 25 and MC 30 straight-mast rough-terrain forklifts have respective capacities of 2.76 and 3.3 tons. Each has 18-ft. maximum lifting height, and 12 in. of ground clearance. There are also 4-wheel-drive versions for negotiating rough and steep terrain. Extremely compact and only 4.8 ft. wide, maneuver easily on tight work sites, and travel at up to 15.5 mph. The components can be easily accessed via an engine cover located behind the seat, so users no longer have to raise the whole cabin to perform maintenance.

The four-wheel-drive buggy version of the MC 25 can turn in just 11.2 ft. and stands less than 6.6 ft. tall so it can easily clear doorways, and work on ground floors. All told, the MC forklift line includes six models with capacities from 1.98 to 3.30 tons.

Manitou's most recent rotating telehandler, the MRT 2470, has won an Intermat Innovation Award for its stabilization system and is making its debut at Intermat. It can lift up to 7.7 tons and has a maximum vertical reach of 78 ft. Designed for easy maintenance, it has easy-to-change filters, easy-to-reach greasing points, and a dashboard screen that show maintenance reminders.

The MT 420H is a compact telehandler that can lift 2 tons but measures just 59 in. wide, less than 79 in. tall, and can turn in 118 in. That compactness makes it ideal for cluttered works sites with narrow alleys. Designed for minimum total cost of ownership, the MT 420H uses just 1 gal. of fuel per hour.

Manitou is launching a new work basket that is compatible with all MT and MRT (rotating) telehandler models. Made entirely of aluminum, the 4200/365 model weighs only 397 lbs. It is a spacious 13’9” wide and can hold 805 lbs. It’s rated for three people.