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New AssetCommand Base Offers Affordable Vehicle Tracking, Driver ID Logging

New AssetCommand Base Offers Affordable Vehicle Tracking, Driver ID Logging

DPL Telematics’ new AssetCommand Base tracking system improves productivity and safety while reducing fleet costs.

The compact device wirelessly tracks run time, speed, trips, driver ID, idling, geofences, curfews, driver behavior, and service schedules. It also lets managers remotely disable their assets.

AssetCommand Base lets managers remotely monitor their vehicle fleet accurately from intuitive, internet-based software and a mobile app.

The unit is the first telematics product of its kind to feature:

Real time location updates with historical route log. Improve dispatching and access every vehicle's location and history

Accident and rollover detection. Real time notifications of potential safety issues or vehicle abuse

Driver safety and behavior monitoring. Monitor speeding, harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, idling, and more to improve safety and prevent unnecessary wear on vehicles.

Driver ID logging. Pair iButton® or RFID Readers for Driver ID, Access Control, and Logbooking.

Maintenance scheduling. Set reminders based on distance traveled, run hours and calendar days to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Internal backup battery and antenna. Small form factor for fast installation and internal power in case primary power is lost

Tamper Detection. Immediate text and email alerts if the unit is disconnected, reverting to internal backup battery power

Remote starter disable/enable. Asset immobilization for safety, theft or nonpayment concerns

Little to no sky view required. May be hidden inside or under assets

Wireless, two-way communication. Activate recovery mode or set movement alerts over the air from the software or mobile app

Month to month agreement. No long-term contract, deactivate and reactivate anytime without penalty

Owners can curb vehicle theft and unsanctioned use by disabling the starter to immobilize a vehicle from anywhere that has an internet connection.

When paired with an optional iButton or RFID reader, the device will restrict starting to only authorized operators and will log the specific driver activities.

AssetCommand Base also monitors speed, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, cornering, and idling to improve safety and prevent unnecessary wear on vehicles.

The AssetCommand Base reports usage metrics such as run time, odometer, idle time, movement, ignition status, and battery health.

An internal antenna and backup battery make it easier to hide and also alert the owner if primary power is lost.

The intuitive service module allows service scheduling by run time, odometer distance, or calendar, and it notifies the owner whichever threshold is reached first.

The easy-to-use solution is an effective tool to reduce service costs, maximize uptime, and eliminate manual errors.

“The market has been seeking an affordable, quick-installing vehicle telematics solution with an intuitive user interface,” said Tony Nicoletti, vice president of business development at DPL Telematics. “In the AssetCommand Base we have introduced driver ID options along with an easy-to-use service scheduling platform to reduce potential safety hazards, accurately log usage and reduce unnecessary vehicle wear. Additionally, customers can now map and manage their entire fleet of on road, off road and unpowered assets from the same platform.”


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