New Software Gives Dual Identity to Jekko’s Updated SPK60 Mini-Crane

New Software Gives Dual Identity to Jekko’s Updated SPK60 Mini-Crane

The revamped version of Jekko’s SPK60 mini-crane features innovative control software that allows it to both work in tight spaces with precision and yet perform pick-and-carry operations in rough terrains.

Launched in 2016, the SPK60 was designed as a telescopic boom crawler crane with cab to be used mainly in confined and difficult spaces where millimeter-level precision and controlled movements are required. In its updated version, Treviso, Italy-based company utilized new machine management software to give it the ability to also work in challenging weather and ground conditions.

“We really wanted to enhance and develop the SPK60 in order to enrich the range of machines designed and produced for customers working in niche markets where Jekko has its core business,” said Alberto Franchescini, Jekko export manager.  “It consists of a crane with two souls that will open up multiple market scenarios and sectors for us.”

Franchescini said the company has already delivered the mini-crane to Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, England, and the United States. 

The SPK60 features a crawler picker and an excavator with a boom that can work on any terrain and inclination, with up to four different degrees 0°, 0.7°, 1.5°, and 3°. Its equipped with extendable tracks without stabilizers, capable of lifting up to 3 tonnes in pick-and-carry mode and 6 tonnes in static mode. It can reach a maximum height of 26.7 m with jib.

The software allows for maximum stability, electronically controlling the machine directly from the radio remote control unit provided, adapting itself to any operating situation and environment. This stability is necessary as the crane rests on a maximum radius of 2.9 m by 2.5 m.

This new version of the SPK60, which weighs 12.2 tonnes, is designed for construction, metal installation, and industrial maintenance applications, both outdoor and indoor. It is also ideal for installation of glass panes, especially in urban areas where small dimensions and high performances are required, with the ability to install glass panels on facades up to a height of nine floors).

The SPK60 can close the boom in two different positions: under the main boom so that customers who frequently use the jib do not have to install it every time, as well as on the right side of the crane boom so that the jib is always on board the machine, ready for use.

The mini-crane features a Yanmar 53.7 kW/73 hp diesel engine and, if necessary, can alternate with a three-phase (or single-phase) 11kW electric engine. Depending on the situation and requirements, the operator can switch from one solution to the other with extreme flexibility.

The cab comes with a video camera for rear vision, as well as a radio, air conditioning, and ergonomic seat with wide visibility. ‘The graphic display immediately recognizes the accessories installed on the machine, allowing the automatic setting of the machine's moment indicator.
The software comes with a self-diagnosis system (DTC) for immediately detecting any issues.

The mini-crane is also easy to transport and is only 5.8 m long, making it easy to unload from the body of a truck. 


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