Perkins Reveals Hybrid Engine Technologies at 2019 Bauma

Perkins Engines hybrid-electric technology

Perkins introduced new technologies focused on hybrid and electric power solutions to meet the specific needs of construction machines at 2019 Bauma in Munich.

The range of technologies are developed to add real value to OEMs as they design the next generation of off-highway machines. The hybrid-electric, hybrid-mechanical, and hybrid-hydraulic power technologies complement Perkins existing 0.5- to 18-liter range of diesel engines.

“Through our close technical collaboration with our OEMs, and using a huge amount of real field data, we develop solutions that are truly relevant to the construction sector,” said Matt Coleman, product director at Perkins. “By collaborating with Perkins, OEMs can accelerate their research and development project, saving themselves time and money.”

Perkins has also established a dedicated team to provide technical collaboration to help meet customers’ needs: the Perkins Expanded Offering Product Team.

“Our research programs into future powertrains have focused on both fundamental technologies such as battery ruggedization and on system integration,” Coleman said. “We find ourselves in an excellent technology leadership position to help our OEM partners develop the machines of tomorrow.”

With access to millions of hours of machine operating data, Perkins has identified that the operating cycles of real construction machines varies from one application to another and as machine size increases.

The duty cycles, operating conditions and packaging constraints for off-highway machines drive the need for specific configurations that are highly customised to the individual application.

“There isn’t one solution that fits all machines,” Coleman said. “Perkins is establishing itself as an integrator with multiple hybrid and electric power technologies.

Perkins highlighted three hybrid power solutions through three engines, all at 100 hp. To demonstrate modularity and flexibility, all three hybrid solutions are based on the Perkins Syncro 2.8 liter.

The technologies are:

Hybrid-electric: There are several ways to incorporate the electric motor or generator. The flexibility of the system provides opportunities for further efficiencies and functionality improvements in the whole machine through use of 48-volt electrics.

Hybrid-mechanical: This stores energy in a high-speed flywheel that can be delivered back to the machine. This is particularly useful in hybridizing machines that run a cyclic operation and need very intense bursts of additional power. Apart from the very quick energy release, the advantage over hybrid-electric is in installation size.

Hybrid-hydraulic: This stores energy in hydraulic accumulators. In some machines this can be the most practical and cost-effective hybrid solution as it easily integrates into existing machine hydraulic systems. Software and integration of machine systems are key to achieving great savings from this technology.

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