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Potain Hup Self-Erecting Crane Line Makes Debut at Bauma

Potain Hup Self-Erecting Crane Line Makes Debut at Bauma
Potain Hup Self-Erecting Crane Line Makes Debut at Bauma

At Bauma, Manitowoc Cranes unveiled the Potain Hup range of self-erecting cranes and displayed the Hup 32-27. The Hup lineup will eventually replace the four existing Potain Igo crane models.

Like other Potain self-erecting cranes, the new Hup 32-27 is well-suited to space-restricted jobsites. It features an adjustable two-section mast that has a third section contained within the second. This design allows the third mast section to be telescoped out, boosting the working height of the crane to 88.5 ft.

When configured in the “low position”, working height is 68 ft., and this setup includes a slight extension of the third mast section, which is telescoped out a little as part of the jib erection process. Having the additional mast section integrated into the design delivers a faster and more convenient setup.

The jib’s luffing capability with a choice of three raised positions at 10°, 20° and 30°, in addition to horizontal. The maximum height under hook attainable by the crane is an 131 ft. Several jib configurations are available, that offer horizontal reach of 36, 75, or 105 ft. maximum. Shortening or extending the jib is a swift and straightforward operation, with the Hup 32-27 offering greater lifting capacity when working with its shorter jib lengths, or further reach when fully extended.

Operator efficiency is maximized through Manitowoc’s new radio remote control unit. Featuring a large color screen with easy-to-use navigation delivered via a jog dial, the new remote provides optimized ergonomics. It also delivers unique, simplified, on-screen step-by-step information during crane erection, as part of the new Smart Set Up software. The remote control offers three operating profiles, which allow the operator to vary the working speed of the crane to suit the application. The hoist unit includes Potain’s High Performance Lifting technology which delivers unparalleled speeds. An integrated diagnostic tool can be used for crane support, while there are maintenance warning indicators for the trolley, hoisting and slewing mechanisms, as well as for lubrication levels.

The Hup 32-27 has a maximum capacity of 8,800 lbs., while it can lift 2,200 lbs. at its jib end of 105 ft. Agility on site was a key consideration for the new range, so the Hup 32-27 has a rear slewing radius of just 7.4 ft., allowing it to be positioned closer to buildings. There are two footprint options,13'x13' or 11.4'x14.5' while the crane’s unfolding movement allows it to set up in even the most congested spaces. In addition, an integrated leveling system allows for positioning on slopes up to 8% or over height differentials of up to 10 in.

Because the reeving of the Hup 32-27 is automatically configured to four falls of rope, it’s able to deliver its optimum lift ability as soon as it’s configured on site. And as with set-up, transportation has been optimized so the folded configuration of the Hup 32-27 is 13 ft. tall by 38 ft. long, which also allows it to fit in a single container for swift and cost-effective shipment overseas. The crane functions off 480V three-phase power supplies.

The Hup 40-30 will be the second crane in the range after the introduction of the Hup 32-27 at Bauma. The company will formally launch this crane at the end of 2016. Deliveries of the Hup 32-27 will start later in 2016. 


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