Potain Self Erector Replaces HVAC System at Ohio State University

Potain Self Erector Replaces HVAC System at Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio-based Capital City Group recently rented its Potain Igo T 130 self-erecting crane to Bruner Corp. to replace an HVAC system at Ohio State University.

Bruner Corp., which is based in Hilliard, Ohio, used the 8.8-ton Igo T 130 to remove the existing air handling unit from a five-story university building, and then to install the 10 components that comprised the new system. More than 500 lifts were needed to complete the project, with the heaviest lift weighing 9,000 lbs.

Mike Schlorman, senior project manager at Bruner, said the tall lifts and tight working space between buildings provided extra challenges on the job, making the Igo T 130 an ideal choice for the task.

“This crane improved our job site tremendously,” he said. “We chose this crane because of the accessibility and reach it offers. It provided us easy access between the two buildings with its minimal 18 ft² footprint and we were able to access above the building with the 180° swing.”

The Igo T 130 is Potain’s largest self-erecting crane. It has a 164-ft maximum operating hook radius. Its variable height lattice mast ranges from 63 to 123 ft. with optional mast inserts. With the jib set at 30°, the Igo T 130 has a maximum hook height of 200 ft. The crane can be operated with a wireless remote control that also provides information to the operator, including wind speed, radius, hook height, load and moment.

Capital City Group has four other Potain tower cranes in its fleet, including three 6.6-ton HDT 80s and a 4.4-ton Igo 50.


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