Redesigned Merlo Rotating Telehandler Cab Enhances Operator Comfort, Safety

Merlo Roto MCSS
Merlo Roto MCSS

ROCK HILL, S.C. – Merlo redesigned the cab of its Roto MCSS rotating telehandler line, featuring a modular design with 360° views and a new air venting and filtration system to optimize operator comfort and safety.

The widest-in-class cabs are engineered with special mounts to reduce vibration. Seats offer independent suspension, and the split door opens a full 180°.

Merlo’s Roto MCSS models offer a 360° slewing turret, independent and jacking stabilizers, and capacity to lift and move loads at height.

All the electronic and hydraulic lines are enclosed within the boom itself, and it is engineered to have no flex. The Roto MCSS models can quickly adapt to a variety of attachments, including man-baskets. Mounting and locking operations of the Tac-Lock system are controlled from the cab.

Depending on the model, Roto MCSS lift heights range from 68 ft. to 96 ft., with a reach from 58 ft. to 83 ft. Maximum operating capacities range from 8,820-10,000 lbs. They have a compact footprint with 26’8” length by 8’2” width; with stabilizers extended, they have a 17’3” width.

Safety features include self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension, hydrostatic transmission, a load-sensing hydraulic pump, and headlights installed on the turret. They also include two real-time safety systems: the Merlo Local Interactive Network (MerLIN) electronic machine management program that displays the center of gravity position of the machine and how it moves, and the Merlin Continuous Slew Safety (MCSS) system, which automatically and continuously checks the forces acting upon the four independent stabilizer pads.

The four stabilizers can be configured to suit the type of terrain and slope of the job site. Roto MCSS models can also operate with the stabilizers only partially extended. This allows for working close to curbs, walls, and within narrow spaces.

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