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Robotic Handler Simplifies Solar Panel Installation

Robotic Handler Simplifies Solar Panel Installation

A new robotic handler named the Solar Trax 824 is speeding up and simplifying solar-panel installation at a generating site being built in the southwestern United States.

Designed and manufactured by Bailey Specialty Cranes & Aerials of Muskego, Wisconsin, in conjunction with sites owner, the Solar Trax 824 can lift panels 8’ high and traverse 24’ before placing them to bolt-hole tolerances.

The tracked base can travel on rough, unimproved, uneven terrain, and the upperworks automatically levels itself for stability and ease of panel placement.

The Solar Trax 824 can lift and place two panels at a time for maximum efficiency.

The unit is operated by remote control, and all hydraulic functions include programmed motion that can combine multiple steps, such as “Raise-Left,” which raises the panels from the center position, trolleys sideways to the support frame, and lowers them into place.

Other functions include “Home,” which returns the tray to the center position for reloading, and “Drive-Increment,” which drives the machine forward the exact distance for installation of the next 4 panels.

Vision systems from the autonomous vehicle industry allows precise locating of the solar panels onto their mounts.

The Bailey Solar Trax 824 reduces worker fatigue and increases throughput.



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