Shoring Project Challenges Superior Scaffold Crews

Shoring Project Challenges Superior Scaffold Crews
Shoring Project Challenges Superior Scaffold Crews
Shoring Project Challenges Superior Scaffold Crews

Superior Scaffold was called into the Kaiserman Jewish Community Center to help shore up the ceiling joists so crews could repair the support brackets up against wall surrounding the indoor swimming pool. Challenging the project was that a scissor lift had to get in behind the scaffolding so crews could get to the brackets for the repairs. The second challenge was the water. Once crews tied in at the top and bottom, they were able to remove the back-up towers clearing the path for the workers and the lift.

However, the crews faced a change of plans. Once they were able to get to the top and look at the wall and the brackets holding the joists it was determined that the roof had to be replaced. 

“We had consultations with several structural engineers, architects, contractors and the township, said Beth Segal, executive director. "First we were told the roof could not be repaired and must be taken down and replaced. The engineers then went back to the drawing board, brought in others for consultation and developed a plan for repairing the damaged joists, beams and bearing plates.  The township engineers and inspectors were consulted, and the plan was approved.   Construction started, we were relieved, and the construction team was still optimistic about a June opening.  However, immediately into the project it was determined that when the pool building was built 40 years ago, the walls were not built according to code. Construction had to stop."

That left the JCC with three options:

  • Tear the walls down and rebuild to code. The cost of the total demolition and rebuild of the facility would be about $2.3 million.
  • Take the roof off and the walls down and make it an outdoor facility at a cost of approximately $500,000.
  •  Close the pool building and let it sit empty until $2.3 million could be raised.

Rebuilding was the direction the project was heading, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia stepped in and helped us with additional money to turn the indoor pool into an outdoor facility. For Superior Scaffold, the indoor swimming pool shoring job became a demolition shoring job for an outdoor swimming pool. 

Crews were able to remove the old roof and joists (with the help of the scaffolding), and then demolish the walls to create a brand new outdoor swimming pool area by the June deadline. 



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