Skyjack Launches the Secondary Guarding Lift Enable System to Help Operators Stay Safe

Skyjack Launches the Secondary Guarding Lift Enable System to Help Operators Stay Safe

Skyjack has introduced its Secondary Guarding Lift Enable (SGLE) as a new way to help operators reduce the risk of entrapment caused by accidental machine operation. The system can be used on vertical masts, DC scissors, and rough terrain scissor lifts. 

The SGLE is available to customers as a direct factory install or aftermarket accessory. 

Industry groups continue to highlight that accidental contact with obstructions can cause an entrapment hazard in some circumstances, conditions, and operations. As a result, a form of secondary guarding on the control box is now being requested on scissor lifts and vertical mast lifts by some equipment users.

Skyjack recognizes there is no single best solution to help reduce the risk of entrapment, as much of it depends upon a specific job-site risk assessment to determine the most appropriate solution for any need or application.

The development of Skyjack’s Secondary Guarding Lift Enable (SGLE) addresses this issue and helps to reduce these risks.

Overall, Skyjack’s SGLE is:

  • Helping to promote correct operator positioning

  • Tamper-resistant

  • Simple to use and unobtrusive

  • Suitable for mast, DC, and RT scissors (old and new generation)

The easy-to-use and unobtrusive SGLE provides a robust control box with a shroud to provide additional control guards, reducing the risk of unintended actuation. 

Two-handed operation is required to lift the machine, maintaining the operator’s body in an upright position and away from the railings, mitigating the risk of entrapment.

When introducing the SGLE, Skyjack paid particular attention to how this system could help operators stay safe from entrapment while maintaining the utility and simple operation of the aerial platform.


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