Tadano Begins Manufacturing Cranes in Brazil After 30-Year Hiatus

tadano brazil
tadano brazil factory

Earlier this spring, a ceremony was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to mark the return of Tadano production in Brazil after a 30-year gap.


Tadano first set up a factory in Brazil in 1974 but withdrew after eight years because hyper-inflation at that time made economic conditions difficult to work through. 


Today with Brazil now a global economic superpower, Tadano has returned to local manufacturing. Last year Tadano Ltd of Japan set up a joint venture company, Tadano Brasil Equipamentos de Elevacao Limitada (TBL), with its long-time distributor TDB Do Brasil Industria e Comercio (TDB) and its owner Marcio Campos, who is also now president of TBL.


The new factory is in Itu, 80km west of Sao Paulo.  The first model to be produced there is the GS-700BR, a 70t-capacity truck crane, using upper sections imported from Japan that are mounted on locally made Volvo carriers.


“This is a small start but a big step to a bright future,” Tadano President Mr. Koichi Tadano told invited guests during the launch event in March. 


Preparations have already begun, he said, for the introduction of a 90-ton truck crane in early 2013. Tadano said that the combination of a Japanese high-performance upper and a truck made in Brazil with easy maintenance was expected to be attractive to Brazilian customers.


TBL is also planning a new parts depot and to build up its after-sales service team.


The launch ceremony also heard from Campos on the opportunities of the Brazilian market and Mr. Antonio Luiz Leite, vice president of crane owner’s association SETCESP. Shigeki Nozawa of Tadano America also made a presentation on Tadano products, and Ed Hisrich of Tadano Mantis spoke about telescopic crawler cranes.