Terex Crossover 6000 Gassed Up for Western Canada Oil Work

Terex Crossover 6000 Gassed Up for Western Canada Oil Work

For cranes to work in the western Canadian oil and natural gas industry, they must meet the increasingly stringent safety requirements on work sites and adhere to strict road regulations. When Dynamite Picker Services; a division of Ditmarsia Holdings of Fort St. John, BC, approached Decca Industries Ltd., Clairmont, Alberta, to help it find a high-capacity crane to work in the oilfields, Decca’s answer was the Terex Crossover.

Dynamite’s Terex Crossover 6000 crane arrived at Clairmont ready to work, mounted on a Western Star chassis with twin steering axles and a tri-drive axle configuration. However, in order to carry the additional 12,000 lbs of removable counterweight, local restrictions state that an additional steering axle was required. To achieve this, Decca contracted Simard Suspensions Inc. in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec to tighten the steering axle spacing and install an additional axle. The expanded footprint not only allowed for the counterweights to be legally carried on the sub-frame, but also increased capacity enough to allow the installation of an oilfield style, heavy-duty pipe bumper. Furthermore, the entire crane structure was moved forward, lessening the load carried by the rear axles, and providing more room for Decca to tackle the next goal for their customer, towing a trailer.

In order to pull a trailer behind the Crossover 6000 crane, a high-rise fifth wheel pedestal was designed, as well as a custom trailer to match it.  The pedestal was designed to mate with the crane outriggers while in transport for additional strength. The pedestal itself was then able to remain hollow and be utilized as a sizable storage cabinet. The tri-axle trailer was specifically designed for Dynamite’s Crossover truck crane, complete with two drop axles and a 28-ft. long deck, bringing the entire coupled unit just under the maximum legal length for travelling on western Canadian highways. With an aluminum top deck to reduce weight, and the ability to store counterweights on the Crossover crane’s sub-frame, the payload and deck space of the trailer is well suited for the impressive picking capacity of the mighty Crossover 6000 crane.

In the end, Dynamite Picker Service took delivery of a single unit that can handle jobs that would otherwise require up to three units. Under normal circumstances, a highway tractor or bed truck would be required to carry the jib and/or counterweights to the work site, and with many oil companies restricting cranes to only 80% of their indicated picking capacity, the Terex Crossover 6000 crane is able to lift loads that would otherwise require two cranes. Finally, with the addition of the trailer towing capability, Dynamite no longer needs additional transport vehicles to haul loads to and from work sites.


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