Terex to Offer New Self-Erecting Crane in North America

Terex to Offer New Self-Erecting Crane in North America
Terex to Offer New Self-Erecting Crane in North America

Starting in September, Terex Cranes, Zweibrucken, Germany, will begin offering its new 13,000-pound capacity Eazy 90 self-erecting crane in North America.


Introduced to the European market in April at the Intermat show in Paris, France, the Eazy 90 can be transported on as few as two trucks and can fully erect itself without assist equipment.


Tower heights range from 67’3” to 126’3”, and the fully deployed jib reaches out 147’7”. The jib can be positioned horizontally or raised to angles of 15° or 25°. Maximum tip height is 162’4” at the 25° angle.


The Eazy 90’s lifting capacities range from 13,227 at a 42’8” radius to 3,196 pounds at a 147’7” radius.


The X-pattern outrigger support stance measures 15’5” x 15’5”, and the counterweight’s tailswing measures just 10’10”.


Driven by 460V 60Hz electrical power, the Eazy 90 offers hoisting speeds of up to 440 feet per minute, trolleying speeds up to 203 feet per minute, and swing speeds to 0.8 rpm. Motions are controlled by a frequency converter.


The main shipping load compacts into a convenient package that can be transported on a low-boy trailer. It weighs 52,470 pounds and measures 46’3” long by 8’3” wide. The overall height of the main load and a typical lowboy trailer is 13’0”. At a jobsite, the crew can simply attach front and rear axles and tow the machine to its set-up location. The Eazy 90’s main shipping unit is also designed for easy lifting and placement by a mobile crane.


The 81,791-pound counterweight consists of 14 plates each weighing 5,842 pounds. Terex’s self-ballasting system enables the Eazy 90 to install all of its own counterweights.


Erection, including unfolding of the jib, is done hydraulically.


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