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Think Safety 365, says AEM in support of National Safety Month

Think Safety 365, says AEM in support of National Safety Month

Nearly 13,000 American workers are injured each day and preventable injuries overall are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States.
June is National Safety Month, and AEM is proud to partner with the National Safety Council (where the above numbers came from) in this endeavor to help workers, families and communities stay safe.

“The message of safety is one we should never get complacent about. We need to wake up every day, 365 days a year, with a commitment to being safety conscious,” said James Vos, AEM safety materials manager.

AEM offers a free download of its Equipment Safety Infographic poster with colorful and informative messages to help spread the safety message in break rooms, on the shop floor, in the classrooms or anywhere important safety information needs to be shared.

Five Tips to Reinforce Safety
AEM supports and encourages industry participation in safety outreach efforts and is active in many organizations, coalitions and programs advancing safety.

“In the routine of day-to-day and deadlines, events such as National Safety Month are a reminder and opportunity to elevate and emphasize the safety message,” said Vos.

Worker safety has always been a priority for machinery makers and AEM. The Association outlines five basic tips to help workers focus on safety:
•    Take advantage of safety training that is available.
•    Be alert and know the work area and the equipment.
•    Follow the rules of safe equipment preparation and start-up, operation and maintenance.
•    Set an example: for your well-being and the protection of others, encourage fellow workers to act safely.
•    Put it in personal terms: think what is important to you that makes you want to stay safe.

AEM produces an extensive array of safety products, including safety manuals and videos, with major equipment types covering aerial, agriculture, compact/portable, earthmoving, forestry, lifting, road paving and utility excavation applications.
Find the complete line of AEM safety materials at
Visit the National Safety Council online for June National Safety Month information.



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