Xtreme Manufacturing Unvieled Four New or Improved Telehandlers at World of Concrete


Xtreme Manufacturing unveiled four new telehandlers at the annual World of Concrete trade show, January 23-26, 2018, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The four new models were among 10 telehandlers models Xtreme had on display. They ranged in capacity from the XR7038, which can lift 70,000 lbs. to the compact XR5919, which can lift 5,900 lbs.

The four new or improved Xtreme models included:

The XR1055, designed from the ground-up by Xtreme’s in-house engineering team, the new XR1055 has a lift capacity of up to 10,000 lbs. a maximum lifting height of 55 ft., and a maximum forward reach of 39 ft. Its extended wheelbase allows a machine weight of just 34,600 lbs. and the XR1055 comes standard with a 74-hp high torque Tier 4 Final engine. For working at altitiude or in extreme environments, a 120-hp engine is also available.

The XR630, a brand new compact telehandler, can lift up to 6,000 lbs., reach up to 30’7”, and reach forward as much as 18’5”. It is designed for an A-class carriage. It offers 6° of frame sway and weighs just 13,700 lbs. It comes standard with a 74-hp Tier 4 Final engine.

Alongside the two brand new products, Xtreme also showed enhancements to two of its most popular telehandlers.

The Xtreme XR1045 has been enhanced to become the XR1147, which now features 1,000 lbs. more lifting capacity, totalling 11,000 lbs. Also, the XR1147 has a maximum lifting height of 47 ft., an increase of 2 ft. over the XR1045, and a forward reach of 31’6”. The XR1147 uses the same chassis as the new XR1055 for improved commonality across the product line, and comes standard with a 74-hp high-torque Tier 4 Final engine. A 120-hp engine is optional.

The Xtreme XR1270—the world’s tallest fixed-body telehandler—with 70 ft maximum lifting height, has also been enhanced to lift an additional 3,000 lbs., giving it a new maximum lifting capacity of 15,000 lbs. The carriage class has also been uprated to C-class, instead of B-class, to handle the higher capacity.

All four of the new lifts are backed by Xtreme’s 10 year – 5 year – 2 year warranty, and are all manufactured at Xtreme’s headquarters in Henderson, Nev.