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Are Your MEWP Supervisors Trained?

Are Your MEWP Supervisors Trained?

While many designate 2020 as "The Year of COVID-19," those of us in the mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) industry will earmark 2020 as the year the new ANSI/SAIA A92 suite of standards took effect. The new ANSI/SAIA A92 suite of standards introduced the most significant changes in design, safe-use, and training requirements that MEWP industry stakeholders have seen since industry standards were first published.

Identifying the MEWP Supervisor

One of the more significant additions in the safe-use standard is the introduction of responsibilities for a MEWP supervisor – someone assigned by MEWP employers and users to monitor, supervise, and evaluate operators on a regular basis. Similar to MEWP operators, supervisors must receive training as defined in the ANSI A92.24 training standard. The employer or user of MEWP operators has the ultimate responsibilities for the application, inspection, training, maintenance, repair, and safe operation of MEWPs. A trained, qualified MEWP supervisor can be a qualified person who assists with these responsibilities.

MEWP Supervisor Training Overview

MEWP supervisor training must include the rules, regulations, and standards that apply to MEWPs for safe-use, training and familiarization, and the work being performed. This training addresses all employer responsibilities and planning.

The scope of supervisor training includes the need to develop a MEWP-specific, safe-use program that includes:

  • Performing a site risk assessment to identify hazards, evaluate risk, and develop control measures
  • Selecting, provisioning, and using a suitable MEWP and work equipment associated with it
  • Accessing, preparing, and maintaining the site, as required, to include an assessment that the support surface is adequate to support the weight of the MEWP
  • Maintaining the MEWP, including inspection(s) and repairs
  • Ensuring only trained and authorized personnel are allowed to operate and/ or occupy the MEWP
  • Ensuring the operator is familiarized with the specific MEWP to be used  
  • Training and qualifying supervisor(s) to monitor the performance of the operator’s work
  • Preventing unauthorized use of the MEWP
  • Ensuring the safety of persons not involved in the operation of the MEWP
  • Documenting properly

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Tony Groat is manager of IPAF North America, member of the ANSI A92 main committee and sub-committees, and vice chair of the CSA B354 technical committee. He can be reached at


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