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Sales Lift

Advice on How to Enhance Business Growth and Customer Relationships

Sales Lift

If you are in business to make money, then sales are the lifeblood of your organization. Whether you are in manufacturing (OEM), an equipment dealership or a rental company, sales are the single most important activity in your business.

With over 25 years of sales experience working for both rental companies (United and Ahern) as well as experience selling aerial equipment for Xtreme and Snorkel, I believe this unique perspective on sales will assist all our readers in maximizing their effectiveness in the industry.

Let’s dive into this concept by exploring two questions around establishing and empowering your sales teams to be successful.

Question: Do I need outside field representatives in order to have successful sales?

Answer: Absolutely, yes...and no.

Your specific sales goals and the size of your organization should be the leading factors in determining your sales force and structure. If your goal is growth and market penetration, a skilled outside sales force can be just the ticket to get new clients engaged and increase sales.

If you offer a unique specialty product that “speaks for itself,” then a website, a solid marketing plan, and a great inside sales force might be enough. When deciding on your sales staffing, ask yourself: What am I looking to accomplish?

If you are a manufacturer of buckets, baskets and other “self-explanatory” attachments you might not need an outside sales team. However, if you offer a new complex tracked electric aerial boom lift, a skilled sales team to explain the features and benefits of this specialized lift would be an absolute must.

Furthermore, if you are looking to sell on a major construction site – you will need to have a sales rep visiting that site, building relationships and looking for opportunities for your company.

As we all know, reputation and relationships in the equipment industry are important; they are vital to business success. Investing in an outside sales team can be the key solution if your organization aspires to expand its market share and pursue new opportunities.

The purpose of a great sales team is to build trust and brand recognition. Your sales force will build your brand by seeking out new clients, addressing customer needs, attending trade shows/ networking events, negotiating with customers, and generally “getting the word out.”

Question: What if I have never had an outside sales team – where do I start?

Answer: Start where you are familiar and establish brand loyalty through your inside sales team.

Having your inside sales team conduct outbound sales calls, thanking customers for their business, and asking how we can better serve their future business needs will build the foundations of an outbound sales culture. This simple act of reaching out and not just being an inbound call “fulfillment center” is the start of a great sales culture.

Even sending out “snail mail” handwritten thank you cards or having your inside sales team pick five clients to physically visit the customer’s office for no other purpose than expressing gratitude and putting a name with a face can make a significant impression on the customer’s loyalty.

Imagine the potential of not leaving your success and sales numbers to chance. By establishing a culture of sales growth, you are setting the stage for your revenue to thrive. This vision should inspire and motivate you to take the necessary steps.


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