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Is Your Powered Access Safety Idea a Winner? Find Out Here

When I first heard about IPAF Innovate 2018, I quickly realized this was much more than your average industry event.

IPAF Innovate 2018 empowers owners, renters, and operators of MEWPs and MCWPs to share their personal experiences in order to find solutions that promote safety in a setting like no other.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects to me about the event, set for Oct. 16-17 in Houston, is that it takes the workshop format to the next level with a friendly competition among peers. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be recognized for the best idea among the industry’s movers and shakers? (Come on, don't be shy ...) 

So how does this competition play out?

Tony Groat, the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) North American regional manager, says after the 10 workshop sessions on the first day, attendees will come together on the second day to hear all the solutions presented. Then, they’ll get to vote on what they think is the top idea to decide the winner of the first-ever Aerial and Mast Climber Workshop Challenge.

This “challenge” solves a common problem I have encountered at many industry seminars and conferences. The problem is at most events I want to attend all the things, and the reality is that is simply not feasible, since there are often multiple valuable sessions, booth demonstrations, and networking events all going on simultaneously. I get stressed even thinking about how am I going to choose this over that or run from one meeting to the next without missing anything important.

This is one of the ways IPAF Innovate 2018 is designed to be different.

Looking over the topics, I think it’ll also be tough for attendees to pick only one workshop to participate in, because they all look so good! But this event nips that FOMO in the bud, since everyone will get insights from all the groups. *Sigh of relief from me.*

I also have to say, bonus points go to the venue for the event’s networking reception and dinner. The thought of building meaningful relationships in the inspired setting of Space Center Houston puts you in the mindset that the sky’s the limit when it comes to the safety innovations that could happen within the powered access industry … and this could be the event that ignites all that.

For more information on IPAF Innovate 2018 and to register now, visit

P.S. Got a star employee? Perhaps the most profitable way you could reward that person is to send him or her to this event. Your employee’s feedback and vision for the future will be valued by key representatives in the industry—and that could really pay off for your business as well.


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