All Erection & Crane Rental Corp. Adds Five Link-Belt Truck Cranes

The All Erection & Crane Rental Corp. Family of Companies, Cleveland, Ohio, has added five new Link-Belt hydraulic truck cranes to its fleet, including two HTC-8675 Series II and three HTC-86100 units.

The 75-ton Link-Belt HTC-8675 Series II telescopic boom truck crane is Link-Belt’s newest version of its popular HTC-8675. It features a 41-foot to 127-foot four-section full power boom, and the maximum tip height is 230 feet with extensions. Its 127-foot formed boom is 12 feet longer than its predecessor and uses Link-Belt’s patented latching boom. The Series II, which incorporates four booms, has a longer reach, enhanced lift capacities, and improved over-the-road mobility.

The 100-ton Link-Belt HTC-86100 features a 38-foot to 140-foot five-section main boom, a 35-foot to 90-foot jib, and has a 237-foot maximum tip height. The HTC-86100 offers enhanced transportability and can be configured to meet transportation laws.