Allied Crane Places $2 Million Order for Manitex Boom Trucks

Manitex International, Bridgeview, Ill., has received an order for 20 17-ton boom truck cranes worth approximately $2 million. Deliveries will be made this year, beginning this month, to Allied Crane & Machinery. The order is the first under a recently initiated strategic marketing alliance with the Mesa, Ariz.-based company that is intended to significantly increase the penetration of Manitex boom truck cranes to end users in North America through a re-rent program.

"The receipt of this initial order from Allied is validation of the objectives for our strategic alliance with them," said Andrew Rooke, president and chief operating officer of Manitex International. "Allied has an extensive range of Manitex cranes and the re-rent program allows end users access for project-specific activities, or as a first introduction to the Manitex product before purchase from our dealers."

"While this order is for our 17-ton crane, we believe the re-rent program will drive increased usage and demand for all our cranes as more users gain an appreciation for their capabilities and then progress to utilize additional products from our extensive range," Rooke continued.

Manitex International is a leading provider of engineered lifting solutions including boom truck cranes, rough-terrain forklifts and special mission-oriented vehicles.

Allied Crane & Machinery, a privately held company, is a wholesale provider of re-rental Manitex boom trucks from 17- to 50-ton capacity. The cranes are available anytime throughout the United States and Canada from a 48-state network of rental and sales partners, including 41 Manitex dealers. The alliance provides re-rental of Manitex boom trucks of all sizes mounted on chassis from all major manufacturers.

"The Allied re-rent fleet provides a solution for our partners by allowing them to access our nationwide fleet," said Woody Weld, owner of Allied Crane & Machinery. "This allows our partners to profitably meet customers' needs without having to purchase equipment until they have a sufficient volume of activity. We purchase Manitex boom trucks because of their superior engineering, strong resale value and excellent customer acceptance."

The Manitex 1770C boom trucks have a three-section boom that can be extended up to 70 feet and can be outfitted with a 29-foot fixed jib or a 40-foot two-section telescoping jib. Front-bumper stabilizers are available for 360-degree operation.

Allied Crane & Machinery carries a wide range of Manitex boom trucks, from the 1770C to the 50-ton 50110S with enclosed, air-conditioned operating stations. The Allied fleet has booms ranging from 70 feet to 124 feet with 110-foot booms and jibs ranging from 29 feet to 55 feet.