Altec Announces New CCO Digger Derrick Operator Certification

Altec Industries Inc., Birmingham, Ala., along with the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), recently announced the launch of a new digger derrick operator certification. Through Altec Sentry, the safety and training division of Altec, the new program will further train and educate customers with the most up-to-date safety practices.


The certification marks the first program NCCCO has developed specifically for the utility industry and consists of both written and practical examinations. Altec served on the task force to develop the new program, ensuring the ultimate safety for users in the electric utility industry. Members of Altec Sentry will also remain on the management committee for future developments.


“Digger derricks have a unique configuration and versatility,” says Josh Chard, Altec’s director of corporate and product safety. “This certification will benefit our customers by outfitting them with the safest practices for handling this equipment.”


The digger derrick operator certification will also help fulfill the crane requirement for the new standard (1926.1400). Digger derrick operators are required to be certified for jobs that include erecting signs, lights, and telecommunication lines, as well as other construction work.


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