APEM Rolls Out MSG Series Switch Guards for Harsh Environs | Construction News

The rugged switch guards in APEM Inc.'s newly launched MSG Series meet the requirements of the most demanding environments, particularly defense, aeronautics, off-road vehicles, and industrial automation.

MSG Series safety guards resist hydrocarbons, acid, high temperature, and salty environments. The side switch guards avoid inadvertent actuation, and all models can be installed with seals to reinforce switch actuation control. They also all have a large marking surface and provide excellent hand grip, even when the user is wearing gloves.

Another key feature of the MSG series is protection. Sand and dust, typically found in harsh environments, cannot collect in the guards' moving parts, thereby eliminating the risk of jamming. The safety guards also have a double end stop so there is no distortion or break in cases of crushing.

MSG Series Safety Guards come in an array of cap colors and markings, including blue, black, green, gray, yellow, red, white, and orange.