Arcomet Group Acquires P&J Arcomet

Belgium-based Arcomet acquires 100-percent ownership of P&J Arcomet LLC from former partners Peter and Stephen Jehle. P&J Arcomet is now Arcomet North America.

Arcomet is the largest tower crane rental company in the world with more than 1,500 tower cranes in over 15 countries. The acquisition will position Arcomet to service all of North America and to utilize all of its resources to expand into new regions.

P&J Arcomet has its headquarters in the Washington, D.C., area and has an additional office in Houston, Texas. P&J Arcomet currently has more than 60 rental cranes in its fleet.

Peter and Stephen Jehle will hand over the company on Oct. 1, 2008, to Thomas Prozinski, P&J Arcomet's current vice president.

Arcomet North America will be a full-service tower crane company throughout North America. Arcomet will have the capability to supply all tower crane needs including engineering applications, parts, maintenance, inspections, service requirements, and sales and rental of any tower crane in the market.