Arxcis Online Courses Make Safety Training Accessible

Kingston, Wash.-based Arxcis, Inc., a full-service safety-training firm, now offers classes online, in addition to its on- and off-site training courses and customizable CD training kits.

Equipment operators can take Hard Hat Online Training at work or at home. With the aid of the internet, an employee can work through a multimedia course at his own pace. Interactive diagrams, engaging formats and final tests increase content retention and mastery.

“More traditional training can be very effective and should happen whenever it is practical,” said Myron Lee, Arxcis co-founder. “But the ease, convenience and cost benefits of online training make it possible for more employees than ever before to receive safety training. This makes employees and their worksites safer. This is the crux of the traditional training versus online training debate. Not only can online training offer cost and convenience benefits, but also it can save lives.”

According to OSHA, employers pay almost $1 billion per week to injured employees and their medical care providers. “Most employers view safety training as an investment. Yet, tuition costs for many of the country's training programs can be prohibitive,” he said. “We hope to alleviate this cost burden by providing excellent, affordable online training.”

With Arxcis' internet training, employers pay a small fee when an employee takes a class. The availability of the company's OSHA-accredited expertise in an online format makes training in the public works, utility, government, construction, industrial and maritime industries more affordable for both public and private entities.

Online training also reduces time away from the worksite. Employees with ready access to the internet don't have to commute to a class. Operators can complete the online training, which on average runs from one to two hours, during off-peak hours. Employees can take the courses at staggered times, so projects don't experience delays because of group meetings.

Courses cover the following equipment: forklifts, telescopic handler forklifts, boom trucks, articulated boom trucks, RT and AT cranes, utility truck cranes, self-propelled aerial/scissor lifts, pedestal mounted cranes, vehicle mounted aerial lifts and overhead cranes.

The Hard Hat Online Training is available for just $49 per person per class. Companies may also elect to pre-buy classes in larger blocks and bring their training costs even lower.

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