Ascorel and Manitowoc Renew Potain Tower Cranes Partnership

Manitowoc, Shady Grove, Pa., renewed its partnership with Ascorel, its Kennesaw, Ga.-based supplier of anti-collision technology for Potain tower cranes. Ascorel and Manitowoc jointly developed the Top Tracing II anti-collision system featured on 3,500 Potain tower cranes in use throughout France and worldwide.

Under the new long-term agreement, Ascorel will begin developing an updated and enhanced Top Tracing system for Potain tower cranes. Manitowoc will offer this new system to Potain customers through its Manitowoc Crane Care customer support brand. Additionally, as part of the agreement, Manitowoc Crane Care will act as a distributor for Ascorel’s MC 602 anti-collision system.

The MC 602 and Top Tracing II both offer the same functionality and performance; however, the MC 602 is tailored to the retrofit and rental market, while Top Tracing II is designed to stay with the same crane for a longer period of operation.

“Our relationship with Ascorel dates back 20 years, and our companies have grown closer over that period,” said Remi Deporte, Manitowoc’s global product manager for tower cranes. “The Top Tracing II system has been a hugely successful anti-collision system, both in France and other markets. By renewing the relationship between Manitowoc and Ascorel, we can work on the next generation of anti-collision technology for tower cranes.”