Avtron Industrial Automation Releases Next-Generation Crane Software

Avtron Industrial Automation, Independence, Ohio, has released its next-generation crane drive software, which provides a two-level menu approach for easily configuring drives on crane applications.

For simple crane applications, Level 1 runs an intelligent startup wizard that asks the user a few basic questions about the application. Upon entering the specified data, the drive automatically configures its inputs and outputs, reference configurations and set points. Most simple crane drive applications can be set-up in 15 minutes or less.

Level 2 gives the user additional flexibility to customize the crane application for specific application requirements while maintaining a wizard-like approach. Advanced features like joystick shaping, enhanced load weight (speed vs. load), automatic software switching between local and radio control, end stop with end stop test bit, enhanced runtime counters, and extended speed ranges up to 320 Hz are available.

New safety features also have been included in both levels of software. Avtron’s new brake monitoring software allows the drives to be set up to continuously monitor the main hoist’s motion. This safety feature is critical for loads suspended in the air for any length of time. Should a brake fail or inadvertently be forced open, the ACCel500 drive software will automatically go into a “load-float” condition and signal an alarm. This feature can be set up to work continuously as long as there is power on the drive.

Avtron’s new crane software allows the ACCel500 family of drives to be used on cranes by all levels of users and applications. From a simple packaged hoist to a sophisticated production crane, the ACCel500 AC drive platform provides powerful set of drives for both users and OEMs. Enhanced communications options are also available to interface the drives with other devices including Ethernet, CANbus, Profibus, and DEVICENET.


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