Badger Plans Launch of 15-Ton RT Crane

badger cd4415

Badger Equipment Inc., Winona, Minn., has nearly completed development of its CD4415, a new cab-down, 15-ton pick-and-carry rough-terrain crane. A prototype will be complete by August. Production is scheduled to start in October.


Compact and maneuverable, the CD4415 chassis measures just 11’2” tall, 17’10” long, and 8’0” wide (depending on tires selected). Minimum overall length with boom horizontal is just 30’1”. Four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and a 9’5” wheelbase deliver tight-quarter maneuverability.


The outrigger footprint is 12’ 8-1/2” side to side, and upperworks tailswing measures just 8’8-1/2”.


The comfortable, high-visibility cab features ergonomic design, two doors for easy access, and steps and cab-mounted handrails. Plenty of window area and a low-profile sliding door offer clear, wide-angle visibility. The joystick controls are easy to use and deliver quick response for excellent control.


Power is provided by a diesel engine that meets current EPA tier requirement.


The three-section telescopic boom extends from its 24-foot minimum length to 62 feet. On outriggers, the CD4415’s 360° lifting capacities range from 30,000 pounds at 10- to 12-foot radius on 24-foot boom, to 4,300 pounds at a 55-foot radius on 62 feet of boom. Over-front capacities range from 30,000 pounds at a 10- to 12-foot radius on 24-foot boom, to 4,700 pounds at a 55-foot radius on 62 feet of boom.


Equipped with 20-foot jib and lifting on outriggers, the CD4415’s lifting capacities range from 6,500 pounds at a 70° boom angle to 2,600 pounds at a 10° boom angle.


On rubber, the CD4415’s 360° lifting capacity ranges from 19,500 pounds at a 10-foot radius on 24-foot boom, to 1,600 pounds at a 55-foot radius on 62-foot boom. Over-front capacities on rubber range from 24,500 pounds at 10 feet on 24-foot boom, to 1,800 pounds at 55 feet on 62-foot boom.


Ed Samera, general manager of Badger Equipment and director of product development for its parent company, Manitex International Inc., says the new CD4415 has been developed to serve a wide variety of construction and industrial applications. Samera adds that it is an excellent modern-technology replacement for older Galion and other 15-ton cab-down RT cranes.