Bailey Cranes to Unveil New Battery-Powered Lift at Rental Show | Construction News

Bailey Cranes, Milwaukee, Wis., will unveil a new battery-powered hybrid lift named the Brandon, along with a new glass-lifting attachment at The Rental Show in Orlando, Feb. 9-12.

Bailey says the new lift is ideal for construction, manufacturing, maintenance, and rental applications, thanks to its exhaust-free operation, capacity, and versatility. The basic Brandon is configured as a walk-behind lift truck that can pick up to 1,100 lbs. Optional attachments include forks, panel lifter,  powered jib, winch, dirt bucket, and three-axis manipulator (glass lifter).

Power comes from a 24V 7-hp electric motor powered by a 24V, 435-amp-hour battery. The two front wheels are driven hydraulically for travel power and have spring-applied hydraulically released brakes. The two rear wheels steer. Handle-mounted walk-behind controls are standard; full radio-remote controls are optional.

The three-section boom telescopes to a maximum height of 22 ft., and the Brandon’s rated-load limiter displays the rated load and actual load, and stops operation when the load limit is reached. The display screen shows information from the rated load limiter plus system information and vacuum system status when the pneumatic glass lifter is attached.

The glass lifter attachment comes with a dedicated power unit at the tip with proportional motor control for precise feathering of all functions. It has a dual vacuum system and six 11-in. diameter pads that can be positioned to meet the needs of differently shaped panels. The maximum dimensions for the pad locations are 102” x 17” or 92.5” x 52.75”. Either maximum configuration can pick an 1,100-lb. panel.

Equipped with glass lifter, the Brandon can lift 1,100 lbs. to 9 ft. of forward reach or to a height of approximately 18.5 ft. It can lift 800 lbs. to 11 ft. of forward reach or about 22.5 ft. of height. And it can lift 400 lbs. to 14 ft. of forward reach or 22.5 ft. of height.

Stowed, the Brandon measures just 34.5 in. wide and 5’4” tall. When its boom is fully retracted and equipped with the glass manipulator mounted to the boom tip, the machine measures 11’10” from back to front. Overall, it weighs 5,500 lbs.