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Bailey Unveils New Walk-Behind Crane | Construction News

Bailey Unveils New Walk-Behind Crane | Construction News

Bailey Cranes, Milwaukee, Wis., has introduced its new battery-powered, 6,000-lb. capacity, walk-behind crane. Named the Brandon and introduced at The Rental Show last week, Bailey’s versatile new crane can be equipped with a lifting hook, forks, glass lifter, beam manipulator, or hoisting winch.

Compact and maneuverable, it features two drive wheels in front and a set of steering wheels centered in back. It measures just 34.5 in. wide 5’4” tall with boom stowed, and about 9 ft. long to the tip of the stowed three-section telescopic boom. It weighs 5,500 lbs.

As a crane, the Brandon can lift up to 6,000 lbs. The robot beam manipulator offers 1,000-lb. capacity, and the pneumatic glass lifter attachment has 1,100-lb. capacity with six 11-in. diameter pads that can be configured to handle a variety of panel sizes.

The Brandon comes with a rated load limiter that displays both rated load and actual load, and which stops operation when the rated load is reached. The display screen also shows system information.

The controls are proportional. Walk-behind steering is standard, and a wireless remote control is optional. For safety, the steering control senses load at the boom tip, boom tip height, and steering angle, and limits the maximum travel speed when the steering angle is sharp.

The two front wheels are powered by an electrically drive hydraulic pump. They propel the Brandon at speeds to 1.75 mph and are equipped with spring-applied, hydraulically released brakes.

A battery-powered, 24-volt, 7-hp electric motor drives all of the machines operations. The 435-amp-hour batteries are held in a 275-lb. box that hooks into the chassis of the machine. Bailey holds three patents on the battery box and removal system, which uses a sling connected to the boom to raise and unhook the battery box and then lower it to the ground for change out. Bailey Cranes President Jeff Bailey says the system, which includes wheels on the bottom of the box, lets users swap battery boxes in less than two minutes without any tools.

The machine also comes with a 24-volt, 40-amp charger.

Jeff Bailey says the Brandon is ideal for a variety of industrial and construction applications and trades, thanks to its versatility, exhaust-free operation, maneuverability, and quietness.


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