BEI's New LP Series Encoders Stand Up to Harsh Environs | Construction News


BEI Sensors new LP Series heavy-duty rotary encoders provide precise, reliable motion feedback in a compact, low-profile package that stands up to harsh applications. 

Their innovative sensing technology allows accurate position and speed sensing while withstanding extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and wet and dirty environments. 

To fit a variety of system needs, three distinct encoder types are available in incremental or absolute single-turn outputs: a compact version with cable or connector terminations, a terminal box option, and an explosion-proof model.

These three versions provide rugged and reliable motion control for a wide range of harsh applications in the material-handling, metal-processing, wind-turbine, off-highway-vehicle, elevator, agriculture, oil-and-gas, and building-automation industries.

R&D manager Jean-Marc Hubsch explains that in designing the products, “We wanted to take an innovative approach to this encoder series, paying special attention to the details to provide the most robust and rugged solution. Advanced features like the very low profile housing, encapsulated electronics, exceptional accuracy, and a variety of termination options were included to create a series that would outperform, outlast and easily integrate into a wide range of harsh applications.”

The LP Series' heavy-duty design provides an ingress protection rating of IP66 and protects the internal components from exposure to the elements, making these encoders durable and well suited for dirty and dusty outdoor applications.

Encapsulated electronics protect the encoder from humidity, let it resist vibration to 200 m/s2 (55 to 2,000 Hz), resist shock to 3,000 m/s2 (5ms half-sine), and operate in temperatures from -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to 212°F).  A standard aluminum anodized housing resists corrosion and ensures long life. 

The terminal box option simplifies installation and allows the unit to be pre-wired, preventing wiring errors. This termination style also comes standard with enhanced electronics providing over-voltage protection, which prevents encoder failure and saves automated systems from costly downtime.  In addition, the advanced electronic design with the terminal blocks contain especially robust output drivers that allow for the use of long cable runs, with no loss of signal.  To simplify installation and save the headache of losing screws while mounting the encoders in tight, hard-to-reach places, captive screws are standard with the terminal box.

The encoders’ low profile simplifies installation into space-restricted applications where available shaft space is limited, such as between industrial duty motor flanges and fans or in back-to-back motor mountings.  A programmable option enables the user to select any resolution from 1 to 10,000 PPR, adding to its versatility in a wide variety of applications and reducing lead time and stocking costs.  Many mechanical configurations including shafted, through shaft, blind shaft or shaft with integrated coupling are available to suit particular applications. 

“Our goal with the LP Series is to provide customers the best motion control feedback solution for harsh applications in a compact design that delivers high performance,” states Olivier Milon, Sales Manager.  Whether sliding into tight installations on industrial motors, cranes, conveyors, wind turbines or excavators, these low profile encoders will get the job done, providing reliable speed and position sensing in an easy to install package.