Bigge Lifts 1.2 Million Pound Steam Generator | Construction News

Bigge Crane & Rigging Co., working with the Warren County Energy Partners, has erected the steam components for a power plant in Front Royal, Va. The pieces were hoisted using two 580t strand jacks from an elevated girder system, propelled by an electric trolley, and rough-set onto the concrete steam pedestal. 

The main section was a Mitsubishi steam generator weighing upward of 1.2 million lbs. Using 185 ft. of girder runway, the components were lifted and moved over 160 ft. The lower LP casings, LP rotors, and steam turbine parts were also moved using this heavy lift system. Due to the elevation of the pedestal, the girders needed to be set 60 ft. in the air, an engineering and technical challenge. Due to the size of the jobsite, Bigge also had to plan the erection sequence down to the minute, so the trucking schedule had to be precise to minimize onsite storage and expedite the setup of components in a compressed timeframe.

“It was great working with the design staff,” said Josh McCord, Warren County Energy Partners Planning Manager. “But following it up with clear communication, planning, and safe execution was essential to a successful lift.”