BKT Report Tells how Mismatched Tires Affect Equipment Performance | Construction News

Mismatched tires on heavy equipment can reduce tire life, increase fuel usage, and compromise vehicle productivity.

A new technical paper from BKT Tires explains what contributes to tire mismatching and why it is so detrimental to a company's bottom line.

“The consequences of failure to maintain tire OD’s (overall diameter) within acceptable tolerances will result in excessive, premature tire and drive train wear,” says Ron Tatlock, manager of training and engineering for BKT Tires. “Mismatched tire OD’s may also lead to increased fuel usage, reduced productivity, and compromised vehicle handling.

Learn more  common causes of premature tire and drive train wear by downloading the technical paper with valuable cost-saving tips.

Visit http://info.bkt-tires.com/matching-equipment-tires to download the BKT Tires, Inc. Technical Paper.   This paper is provided as a no-cost service to heavy-equipment users.

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