Bocker Mini-Crane/Aerial Platform will Debut at ConExpo | Construction News


ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017 will give North America its first look at the Bocker RK 36/400, a light-weight mini-crane that has an articulating boom and can work as a crane or as an aerial platform.

In conjunction with Maeda USA, the German-made mini-crane/aerial platform will be on display in the Maeda booth, G4017, from March 7-11. 

The RK 36/2400 travels on a powerful diesel/electric rubber-tracked carrier. For travel, it measures 27'9" long, 6'11" tall, and 9'4" wide. The machine weighs 9,920 lbs.

For lifting, its four multi-angle outriggers allow setup in oddly shaped spaces, level the machine automatically, and form a lifting base up to 18'0"x18'0". The articulating boom and jib deliver up to 118 ft. of vertical crane reach and a maximum lifting capacity of 5,290 lbs. The RK 36/2400 can pick 550 lbs. at a 75'6" radius, and handles 220 lbs. at its 90-ft. maximum radius.

When configured as an aerial platform, it has 550-lb. platform capacity and a maximum platform height of 95'6".

All operation is run by full radio-remote control.

Tony Inman, president of Maeda USA, says the Bocker RK 36/2400 will be available in the United States in late 2017.

"It is a versatile, light-weight, rubber-tracked machine that can get into tight or challenging sites and can work as a crane or aerial platform," says Inman. That versatility can save users money by having one piece of equipment do two jobs."