Boscaro and Eagle West Crane Add 5-in-1 Concrete Bucket


Boscaro and Eagle West Cranes & Equipment, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, have introduced a multi-function 5-in-1 concrete bucket. The central discharge concrete bucket features a counter-sprung box gate, which simplifies its use when filling column forms. The discharge slide can be set for in- or out-of-service without removing it. If necessary, it can be removed by pulling two bolts.

The bucket’s bottom platform converts the box gate into a 6-inch central discharge bucket, ideal for use in applying roofing gravel and other dry feed products. The variable length rubber hose converts the standard bucket into a precision placement system for filling tight forms or columns. The bottom platform also enables forklifts to use the bucket. When not in use, the solid central bridle can be removed to allow buckets to be stacked for storage.

Eagle West is currently seeking dealers for the Boscaro product line, which includes pallet forks, self-dumping bins, concrete buckets, two and four person man baskets, clamshell buckets, precast handling equipment, and storage solutions. Certified Boom Repair Service Inc., Tampa, Fla., has signed on to distribute Boscaro crane accessories in Florida.