Camoplast Solideal Becomes Camso | Construction News

Tire manufacturer Camoplast Solideal, Magog, Quebec, Canada, has been renamed Camso, with the new name representing the best of Camoplast and Solideal.

“The launch of Camso highlights the success our company has achieved in just a few years. We have  become the world's second-largest specialized player in the manufacturing of tires, tracks, and track systems for off-the-road vehicles,” explains Camso Chairman of the Board and CEO Pierre Marcouiller. Camso’s sales in the sector went from US $95 million to over $1 billion in seven years. The company serves four markets: material handling, construction, agriculture, and powersports. 

Today, Camso puts 100% of its effort on 11% of the global tire and track market: the off-the-road market. That focus creates an in-depth knowledge of the OTR market that enables the company to identify customers’ very specific needs and hence, develop enhanced tires, tracks, and track systems to meet them.

Camso, the Road Free company

The nature of off-the-road mobility implies multiple vehicle applications across numerous surface types. That creates many niche markets. “One might think that producing on-road and off-road tires are one and the same, but this simply isn't the case.  This has driven Camso to constantly reinvent itself.  Our people take the time to understand the multitude of constraints and challenges that machine operators experience,” says Marcouiller. 

The company has developed a unique culture.  For the Camso team, “Road Free” means achieving its commitments, being industrious, and acting authentically in its relations with its customers and suppliers.  This is what the Camso brand aims to communicate to its partners.

Camso's flexible manufacturing processes, aftermarket distribution model, and partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) make it a one-stop shop and a world leader in off-the-road tires, tracks, and track systems, says the company.

Camso designs, manufactures and distributes high-quality tires, wheels, tracks, and track systems. It works with major OEMs such as Toyota, Caterpillar, John Deere, and BRP, as well as several distribution networks.

Camso, the Road Free company has over 7,500 employees in 27 countries. It has four R&D centers and 24 manufacturing plants, and operates an international distribution network in over 100 countries.