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Cargotec Announces Hiab Product Enhancements

Finnish company Cargotec made two product announcements last week: The company’s Hiab HiPro crane control system is available in a new version with the well-known XSDrive remote control. The name is HiPro XSD, and the first crane to come out with this new system is the Hiab XS 111. Also, to comply with the Machinery Directive and harmonized loader crane standard EN 12999:2009, all Hiab loader cranes now are equipped with the company’s Variable Stability Limit system (VSL).

The HiPro XSD comes with XSDrive remote control, a lightweight controller, available with shoulder hook, slide belt, and harness, depending on what the operator is most comfortable with. For the Hiab XS 111, the HiPro XSD offers the well-known HiPro feel and brings first-rate control properties and highest productivity. It also gives a boost with extra capacity when needed.

The Hiab XS 111 HiPro is a 12-tonne-metre workhorse and a versatile tool in the medium-capacity range, built to withstand rough tasks such as digging and grapple work. It is at the same time a lightweight crane that takes up little space, which makes it a great choice for customers seeking a light installation in this capacity class. All of this makes the Hiab XS 111 HiPro the optimal choice for fast load handling and multi‑task jobs.

VSL is an electronic system that automatically senses how far the stabilizer legs are extended and whether they are firmly secured on the ground. This ensures an optimal balance between capacity and stability throughout the operating area, and it allows the crane operator to make full use of the crane without compromising safety, even if there is not enough space to extend one or both stabilizer legs fully. The operator is free to concentrate on maneuvering the load, confident that the crane itself will take care of stability.

The technical solution was developed with a focus on crane users' needs: VSL protects not just the crane but also people in the vicinity, and the vehicle itself. In some cases, VSL can push the stability limit further and extend the work area. With the system, a crane can use higher capacities in previously restricted sectors.

The Hiab crane user's safety and productivity are further enhanced by additional safety features, which have all been developed in compliance with the new machinery directive and in close cooperation with Cargotec's customers.

Stabilizer warning lights are fitted on top of each stabilizer leg and are visible over a 270º field from virtually all positions around the crane. The lights show pedestrians, passing traffic, and people working in the vicinity of the crane. A view confirmation button for remote controlled stabilizers is an extra, precautionary, safety function, via a button that you press to confirm full view of the stabilizers before you can operate them.

Stabilizer indicators provide the operator with information about the stabilizers' status. This information

is displayed via the user interfaces and on the remote control display. Swivelling footplates adjust perfectly to ground inclination. This means that the stabilizers always support the crane in the best possible way. The plates' size is sufficiently large to ensure that the ground pressure is always below the maximum limit.

The upgraded Operator Protection System (OPS) provides additional safety by defining a 'virtual protection cage', which electronically prevents the boom from entering restricted space. It is now possible to customise the cage by blocking more spaces or changing their size.


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