Caterpillar Super Compact Telehandler Makes Its Debut at WOC

The TH255 super compact telehandler is a wholly new model in the Caterpillar line and offers compact dimensions and maneuverability for efficient work in tight areas. Despite its size, the TH255 has a rated load capacity of 5,500 pounds, lift height of 18'4” and capacity at maximum reach of 1,850 pounds. Equipped with a universal skid-steer coupler, the TH255 can handle a variety of work tools including forks, hooks, buckets, augers and brooms.

The TH255 is designed with a spacious cab, allowing for easier ingress and egress, and the machine design offers exceptional sight lines from the comfortable suspension seat  despite the low profile provided by a cab height of less than 6'4”. Ergonomic control placement and single joystick control of hydraulics ease the burden on the operator. The side-mounted engine allows easy access by lifting the clamshell hood and swinging a side panel that opens the way to the engine and service points.

The TH255 weighs in at 10,800 pounds and is powered by a Cat C4.4 diesel engine producing gross power of 84 hp. The engine meets Tier 3 emissions requirements.

The low cab height and machine width of only 71.5 inches make the TH255 ideal for working in tight spaces. The turning radius is 126 inches. Three steering modes (circle, two-wheel and crab) further improve maneuverability. The hydrostatic drive system allows automotive style driving with no shifting required.

The TH255 is sized to work productively and cost effectively in a variety of construction, materials supply, landscaping, nursery and agricultural applications.

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