CCO-Certified Crane Operators Judge Themselves Safer

A survey of long-time CCO-certified crane operators shows that an overwhelming percentage believe their CCO certification has helped them to be safer operators, to communicate better with other trades on the job site, and to take advantage of increased employment opportunities. The survey was conducted recently as part of an outreach program by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) to recognize those crane operators who have been certified multiple times.

The operators surveyed have recertified at least twice, so they have been CCO-certified for at least ten years, and their survey responses show that they have seen the benefits that certification brings to those with a stake in making crane and lifting operations safer. Preliminary survey results show that 86 percent of respondents indicate earning their CCO certification has helped them do their jobs better; 87 percent agree CCO certification has made them safer operators; and more than 80 percent would recommend CCO certification to their co-workers and supervisors.

The survey was included in a Recertification Recognition packet sent to certificants who have renewed their crane operator certification at least twice. The recertification packet also included a pack of special two-star logo decals, one star for each of the times the operators have recertified.

“The two-star logo is intended to show that these experienced operators have the comprehensive knowledge and skills that only come through earning and maintaining NCCCO certification for an extended period of time,” said Tara Whittington, NCCCO program manager in charge of the CCO Recertificant Recognition Program.