CMCO Launches New Line of Wire Rope Hoists

Columbus McKinnon Corp. (CMCO), Amherst, N.Y., has launched a new line of wire rope hoists in capacities from 25 to 50 tons.  The core of the Yale Global Max HC is the double-girder style containing numerous features that set it apart from other hoists in this category, CMCO said. All Yale Global Max HC hoists feature an external hoist motor to optimize cooling and maximize accessibility.

The remote mounting of the hoist motor and brake prevents heat transfer in either direction, and allows for easy maintenance.  The hoists also feature a sealed, fully enclosed, pressure tested gearbox with all of the gears inside submerged in oil for maximum protection.

The hoist’s fully enclosed free loop guide is designed to specifically eliminate a slack rope condition during operation.  Optional features, such as a mechanical overspeed device, a block operated limit switch, and twin ropes for dual motor hoists, are also available.

Available through Yale’s network of crane builders and dealers, the Global Max HC is part of a line of lifting and positioning products and services available through Columbus McKinnon.