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Crane Component Rebuild Services Offered

Morris Material Handling, Oak Creek, Wisc., provides life-extending rebuild and overhaul services for vital crane components affected by age and usage. Rebuilding or overhauling the components of expended cranes is a cost-effective solution to keep crane components running smoothly and efficiently.

The company has in-house machining and rebuilding capabilities to refurbish tired cranes with custom-built and replacement components. Rebuilding and overhauling critical parts restores the ability of the crane to lift heavy loads, accelerate and travel faster, position loads quickly and precisely, simplify load handling, and save operator time with floor-level, push-button, or radio controls.

Regular maintenance services, routine inspections, and best practices help ensure reliable crane operation and increase service life. However, even with the most diligent maintenance care, long hours and variable workloads can cause wear and tear on vital crane components. The rebuilding and overhauling services present a cost-savings alternative to purchasing new equipment. The rebuild program includes teardown, inspection, rebuild, and testing to the original specifications.

Engineers at the company apply their experience in design, assembly, manufacturing, systems, and in-field analysis to repair or rebuild worn components, restoring the parts to like-new condition. Component rebuilds include hoists, crane motors, brakes, gearboxes, bottom blocks, end trucks, and controls. To quickly replace worn crane components at any time and to minimize potential downtime, the company can also stock rebuilt critical parts at the customer's request.

The rebuild and overhaul capabilities are supported by a network of rebuild centers, experienced engineers, and ISO-certified machining and fabrication operations. The network is enhanced with NDT testing capabilities and experience in critical process industries, enabling the rebuild of quality components that meet OEM specifications. An experienced staff of technicians inspects, repairs, and load tests crane components to ensure the rebuild components meet the original rigid quality standards while complying with the most current safety requirements.

The company also provides component replacement services to keep overhead cranes and hoists in excellent working condition. Electrical components, switches, controls, relays, and other components can be built to order, including rare parts that are no longer manufactured or cannot be located.

To find out more, contact Morris Material Handling, 315 W. Forest Hill Avenue, Oak Creek, WI 53154, call 800-933-3001 or visit


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