Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau Makes Personnel Changes

Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB), Orlando, Fla., has recently made several personnel changes. CICB promoted Jerry Longtin to general manager, project operations. Longtin has served as the company’s senior training instructor/inspector for the past 11 years and brings more than 35 years of industry experience in training, inspections, operations, planning, maintenance, administration and personnel management for the crane the lifting and lifting industry to his new role. He is a NCCCO Practical Examiner and an OSHA Maritime Inspector and is NCCCO certified as a Mobile Crane Operator, Rigger 1 and 2, and Signal Person.

Other CICB appointments include:

- Billy Cook has been promoted from sales manager to sales and marketing manager. Cook’s 42 years in sales and management involve increasing sales and improving marketing. He is a NCCCO certified Mobile Crane Operator, and is qualified as a rigger and signal person under the OSHA 29 CFR subpart CC.

- John O’Connor was named manager of the Houston Training Center Operations. In addition to being a senior instructor/inspector at CICB, O’Connor’s 24 years of experience in training, inspections of various types of lifting and earth moving equipment has resulted in proficiency in teaching crane and lifting operations, inspections and rigging using best practices. He is an NCCCO Practical Examiner and OSHA Maritime Inspector and is NCCCO certified as a Mobile Crane Operator, Rigger 1 and 2, Signal Person.

- Larry Kime was promoted senior technical advisor. In addition to his instructor/inspector duties, Kime will develop and update the training manuals, written and hands-on exams. He is a NCCCO Certified Mobile Crane Operator, Rigger 1 & 2, Signal Person, NCCCO Accredited Practical Examiner, accredited by US DOL-OSHA-Marine Inspections, and accredited by the California State for Crane Inspections and Washington State for OSHA-Maritime Inspections.

- Fred Petrelli and Ken Lance have been named as senior instructors/inspectors. Both are NCCCO Certified Mobile Crane Operators and NCCCO Accredited Practical Examiners. Petrelli is accredited by California-OSHA for crane inspections and has been a trainer in the crane and lifting industry for more than 30 years. Lance is accredited by US DOL-OSHA for Maritime Inspections and has been a trainer in the industry for more than 25 years.

- Angelo Alverio has been named CICB’s instructor for the numerous training programs in Spanish. Angelo has been an instructor/inspector with CICB since 2010 and is an NCCCO Certified Mobile Crane Operator with 30 years of experience in the training, operations, planning, and maintenance of various types of lifting and earth moving equipment. He is a former Navy Seabee, who served as a bi-lingual translator for Central and South American Operations.

- Scott Crowder has joined the Houston Training Center as an instructor/inspector. He has more than 30 years of experience as an operator in the craning and heavy equipment industries and is a seasoned instructor, inspector, and safety director who developed supervisor and management safety training programs. His certifications include NCCCO Mobile Operator, NCCCO Rigger Level 1 & 2, NCCCO Practical Examiner, MSHA Trainer, CDL Trainer, and Hazardous Materials and HAZCOM.