Crane Simulator Rodeo Winners Named

Approximately 200 people attended North American Crane Bureau’s Professional Development Conference, held in November in Las Vegas, Nev. The five-day event is offered annually by the Lake Mary, Fla.-based training company and includes a crane operator rodeo contest using the company’s mobile, overhead bridge, and tower crane simulators. Attendees represented military, aircraft and auto manufacturing, oil refineries, and construction industries.

The winners of the Sixth Annual Crane Simulator Rodeo are:

• Overhead Crane: Winner Anthony Ullakko of Boeing and Runner- Up Bruce Weston of Boeing

• Mobile Crane: Winner Tim Jones of L.A. Dept. of Water & Power and Runner-Up John Avery of NAVFAC SE

• Tower Crane: Winner Paul Robinson of ALCOA and Runner-Up Rick Tabar of NASA – Glenn Research Center

NACB’s crane simulators provide multiple testing modes; analysis and record keeping; ability to set work site parameters, such as wind conditions; and training scenarios for working on highway bridge construction, around power lines, etc.