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Crane Tech Introduces Boecker Trailer Crane

Portsmouth, Va.-based Crane Tech Solutions, the sales and service entity for Boecker Americas, has introduced the Boecker trailer crane, an economic alternative to the crane service industry. With operation exceeding 100 feet, and payload capacity of more than 3,300 pounds, this versatile 7,500-pound trailer crane fills the day-to-day needs of most mechanical, utility, roofing, and building contractors, and as well as the tree service industry. Once on site, the optional self-propelled drive unit enables on site positioning and handling without a towing vehicle.

The high-performance easily maintained 20-hp Honda gas engine enables maximum turning, telescoping and hook speeds with less fuel consumption and minimum maintenance efforts. The AHK 30/1600 is remotely controlled with a modern remote radio control unit, ensuring comfort and efficiency as well as providing maximum safety.

The state-of-the-art PLC intelligent load control automatically calculates the maximum load and position limits, insuring safe operation. The sturdy aluminum mast system is built from closed high-strength special alloy aluminum guaranteeing maximum longevity. Additional accessories such as the auto mechanical dump bucket, working personnel cage, pallet forks, tipping troughs, and tile grabs, round out the product.

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