Cropac Places Order for Terex Cranes at ConExpo-Con/Agg

Terex Cranes, Westport, Conn., announced an order for 22 cranes placed by Cropac Equipment Inc., Canada, in a transaction valued at more than $20 million (US), signed last week at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2011.

A significant share of Cropac’s investment is eight new Terex Roadmaster 9000 truck mounted cranes, the first of which is to be delivered in May this year. The seven other units will follow successively at the rate of one machine per month. Other cranes ordered include one Terex AC 140, one AC 250, two AC 350/6 all terrain cranes, and several rough terrain and truck crane models.

“The Roadmaster 9000 is the result of our highly customer-focused approach to product development,” said Jay Barth, product marketing manager for Terex Truck Cranes. “This new model is engineered to meet the diverse requirements of a wide customer base. Its design represents a collaboration between Cropac and Terex to ensure acceptance in Canadian and Northern U.S. markets.”

“This new order highlights the success of a strong and loyal 20-year partnership between family- owned Cropac Equipment Inc. and Terex Cranes,” said Frank Bardonaro, vice president and managing director of Terex Cranes Americas. “It supports our strategic initiative to grow our business in Canada.  In addition, Cropac will continue to add service, support and new locations to further support this initiative.”

For Cropac Equipment Inc., participation in the customer-focused development of this new model has meant that the company has been able to help define a product to meet expected strong market demand.

“At Cropac we want to provide our customers the solutions they need, when they need them - rapidly, hence our decision to order eight Roadmaster models at one time,” said Bill Finkle, president of Cropac Equipment. “Taking part in the development process has provided us with the advantage of already knowing that our customers’ demand for this new model is high. We are fully convinced that this is the right crane for our market.”