Custom Equipment Introduces Two Compact Scissor Lifts

West Bend, Wis.-based Custom Equipment, Inc. recently unveiled two new scissor lifts in the Hybrid family of compact, light-weight scissor lifts. The new models share many of the design features of the HB-1030 and are designed for indoor use in construction, maintenance, and retail.

Hybrid Lifts boast a low overall machine weight, maintain a high lifting capacity, are light enough to travel on many delicate floors, fit through standard doorways, and can be transported in most elevators.

The HB-1430 weighs in at 1,650 pounds with a rated load capacity of 670 pounds. The machine includes a two-person 25” x 60” platform with a 30-inch slide-out deck extension which can be lifted to a 20-foot platform working height. Entry onto the lift is made easy with the HB-1430's 27-inch lowered platform height. The fully proportional dual wheel electric drive system with fully proportional electric steering provides for quiet operation and easy maneuverability in tight spaces.

Wheel size on the HB-1430 has increased to 10 inches from the 1030, but retains the four-wheel front steering design. The unique steering helps eliminate carpet buckling and tile damage that can be caused by traditional two-wheel front steering systems. A single hose, self-contained hydraulic pump virtually eliminates hydraulic oil leakage. All units feature a high-quality powder coating for years of corrosion protection.

The second model, the HB-1030E is designed for the international marketplace and features the same elements and benefits of the HB-1030. There are a few changes of note from the HB-1030, the HB-1030E weighs in approximately 136 kg (300 pounds) heavier than the HB-1030 and the electric and hydraulic systems have been modified to achieve CE approval. The HB-1030E, in total, weighs 600 kg (1322 pounds) with a rated load capacity of 340.2 kg (750 pounds). A 60-cm (23.6 inch) lowered platform height provides easy entry to the platform, which can extend to a working height of 4.87 m (15.97 feet).

Standard features include a 64 cm x 152 cm (25.2”x59.8”) platform with a 76-cm (29.9-inch) extension, the previously mentioned four-wheel front steering design, fully proportional electric drive and steering, an independent hydraulic system, and the powder coat finish. Measuring 76 cm (29.9 inches) wide and 161 cm (63.4 inches) long, the 1030E can fit through most doorways and standard elevators.

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