Danfoss Plus+1 Displays Help Prevent Downtime | Industry News


Danfoss' rugged PLUS+1 mobile machine displays are built to excel in the most extreme mobile machine environments. The new DP730 features a larger touchscreen-only display, whereas the existing DP570 is for smaller-scale applications where buttons are needed.

Through mud and water – with gloves

The DP730 offers three LCD display options for in-cab or in-the-open use in applications such as drilling, road building, construction, and specialty vehicles.

It has a 7-in. touchscreen-only display that works through mud and water and with users who wear gloves. In addition, IP69K-level protection and operating temperature range of -22° to 140° F (-30° to 60° Celsius) keep the display working even in extreme outdoor conditions.  

The DP570 is similarly robust, but specifically suited to in-cab and mid-sized control panel machine applications, including material handling, agriculture, and specialty vehicles. The DP570 has a 5.7-in., high-resolution TFT color display, an IP67 rating, and a temperature range from -4° to 140° F (-20° to 60° Celsius).

“Danfoss is committed to providing distributors and OEMs with robust and rugged display options to meet their unique business needs,” said Darren Magner, product manager, displays, for Danfoss Power Solutions. “Our PLUS+1 mobile machine displays are specifically designed to perform reliably in extreme conditions, therefore preventing downtime.”

Shorter time to market

Both the DP730 and DP570 displays are PLUS+1 compliant, allowing for easier programming. Shortening the time to market, OEMs can easily develop their own software and layout with the PLUS+1 GUIDE (Graphical User Integrated Development Environment), which provides function blocks for drag-and-drop editing, or with the vector-based screen editor.

PLUS+1 GUIDE Vector-Based Screen Editor (VBSE) supports SVG format, with an image library available for download that provides background, gauges, symbols and button images that can be modified — with symbols and gauges available in both night and day images. VBSE supports most standard image file formats, including JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF, and offers flexible and scalable graphics, allowing users to resize, rotate, move and link objects for simplified screen design. The VBSE offers seamless integration into PLUS+1 GUIDE applications, so users can take advantage of PLUS+1 GUIDE enhancements that automate repetitive steps and enable porting of applications between projects.

Additionally, the DP730 and DP570 both feature the latest technology with integrated light sensors and automated backlight adjustment to provide outstanding brightness and contrast performance, resulting in an easy-to-read screen. Making it easier for the machine operator to read information on the screen in a wide array of natural light settings equals improved overall operator comfort.  

Individual benefits

The new DP730 offers specific benefits for customers in need of a larger-size display panel, including:

Excellent performance against applications that require high pressure washing or open exposure to harsh environments, thanks to IP69K front-side rating.

Ability for operators to work with gloves on and/or with a wet or muddy screen because of the fine-tuned projective capacitive touchscreen and IP69K front-side rating. Users can also “swipe” for scrolling through screens.

Greater visibility under sunlight supported by optically bonded LCD/lens technology, which improves performance in out-cab applications and humid or bright environments by preventing fogging and improving viewability.

The DP570 offers its own benefits for distributors and OEMs as well:

Demonstrates exceptional durability in extreme conditions, with standards equal to open usage with its IP67 rating. In addition, it offers fully integrated connectors and silicone keypad that provide water and dust protection from all sides.

The five buttons provide best-in-class tactile feedback for operator ease of use and comfort. All buttons have white backlight design for low light and night use, and each are individually software controlled.