Demand for Rigger and Signal Person Certification Increases

With the number of CCO-certified signal persons approaching the 1,000 mark, and with a surge of interest in the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators’ (NCCCO) certified rigger program, there are signs that employers around the country are proactively seizing the opportunity to qualify all their personnel that work in and around cranes through accredited certification programs, according to an NCCCO statement.

NCCCO continues to register strong nationwide demand for the Practical Examiner workshops that the organization has developed to train certified personnel to administer CCO practical exams. More than 157 practical examiners have graduated from 16 workshops held in more than nine states since the signal person certification program was launched in October last year. Level 1 (or Basic) CCO rigger certification became available in April.

Much of the interest is coming from crane operators who are themselves certified. “It makes perfect sense that a certified crane operator would want to work with those who are rigging and signaling the load he is about to lift that are also qualified,” said NCCCO Commission Chairman Kerry Hulse. “And what better way to demonstrate those rigging and signaling skills than through professionally developed and administered certification?”


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