Deutz Moves and Expands Value-Add Production | Industry News


Engine manufacturer Deutz Corporation recently moved its Value Add production from Norcross, Ga., to a larger, 60,000-sq.-ft. facility in Pendergrass, Ga. and has expanded from one line to three.

Although Deutz already manufactures thousands of engines each year, the expansion will let Deutz boost production and serve even more OEM partners.

“Our Value Add lines allow us to provide customers with a high-value, customized engine solution,” said Jim Smith, director of production operations at Deutz Corporation. “Moving our Value Add production lines to our new North Georgia location both increases our capacity and streamlines the overall production process.”

Deutz's Value Add production modifies base engines delivered from Germany to meet each OEM customer’s specific requirements.

OEMs can choose to provide their own design specifications, or rely on Deutz to engineer a custom solution. The process is organized to optimize customer resources while reducing design complexity and risk.

“To make the process more efficient, we’ve introduced a number of important lean manufacturing, waste-reducing concepts to help to take the operation from a batch-build operation to a one-piece-flow operation,” Smith added. “Our redesigned work stations ensure that the necessary tools, materials, and documentation are close at hand. This has reduced cycle times by twenty-five percent and increased the line’s ability to run a wider variety of products.”

The Deutz Value Add package also includes service, warranty, and aftermarket support.