DICA Outrigger Pad Data Now in 3D Lift Plan | Construction News

DICA Outrigger Pad Data Now in 3D Lift Plan | Construction News
DICA Outrigger Pad Data Now in 3D Lift Plan | Construction News

DICA SafetyTech Outrigger Pads and FiberMax Crane Pads are now available in the crane mats library of the popular lift planning tool, 3D Lift Plan.

DICA worked with 3D Lift Plan developer  A1A Softwre LLC to provide engineered outrigger pad and crane pad options that would help increase the accuracy of lift-planning data.

“Many of our 3D Lift Plan customers use DICA outrigger pads and crane pads because they’re lighter than wood or steel alternatives, making them easily deployed," said Tawnia Weiss, president of A1A Software. "The addition of DICA outrigger pad and crane pad specifications makes it possible for 3D Lift Plan to generate more accurate lift planning data.”

DICA CEO Kris Koberg said: “Now 3D Lift Plan users can select the best possible load distribution option based on the projected ground bearing pressures and lift specifications. As regulatory agencies continue to put increased focus on evaluating ground conditions and using proper supporting materials, the ability to demonstrate this in a professionally-produced lift plan is becoming an essential part of the due diligence performed by many crane rental companies.”

The proprietary engineered thermoplastic in DICA's SafetyTech Outrigger Pads provides exceptional support in a variety of ground conditions. SafetyTech outrigger pads are available in two categories for crane users;  Heavy Duty (2.0″ thick) and Super Duty (3.0″ and 4.0″ thick) and are designed for equipment typically up to 100 tons in capacity. 

DICA’s FiberMax Crane Pads provide a radically lighter alternative to wood or steel. The bi-directional internal shear web design at the core of the FiberMax Crane Pad was initially developed for vehicle and pedestrian bridges. The design lets FiberMax pads distribute concentrated loads in all four directions over large areas to safely reduce ground bearing pressures. FiberMax pads weigh as much as 70% less than steel.

FiberMax crane pads are typically used when setting up mobile cranes with lifting capacities from 80 to 600 tons.  Each thickness has its own crush rating and maximum rated capacity. Maximum rated capacities range from 175,000 lbs. to 375,000 lbs. FiberMax crane pads deliver similar strength properties as steel but with huge transportation savings and a long usable life that result in a very low total cost of ownership.

“We are excited to partner with an industry-leading safety and technology company to expand options for 3D Lift Plan users who are planning lifts in a variety of ground conditions,” said Koberg.


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