DICA Unveils ProStack Cribbing at ConExpo | Construction News


DICA introduced boom-truck, aerial-lift, and digger-derrick owners to an exciting new cribbing product during the recent ConExpo-Con/Agg trade show in Las Vegas.

ProStack cribbing's interlocking design safely provides additional height under outrigger floats when setting up on uneven ground.

ProStack cribbing has three basic parts; a base outrigger pad, interlocking cribbing blocks, and a high-friction top grip pad.

The ProStack base outrigger pad has a pyramid-shaped surface that interlocks with the cribbing blocks.

On top of the base pad, operators stack layers of two 6”x12”x24” cribbing blocks that lock into the base pad.

Lastly, a ProStack grip pad is placed on top of the stack to protect the pyramid surface on the cribbing blocks and provide a high friction surface for the outrigger foot.

“ProStack is designed to provide height for operators in environments where there are significant changes in grade. It is designed to be used under boom trucks, digger derricks, aerial bucket trucks, or any equipment with outrigger loads that do not exceed 100,000 pounds,” says Kris Koberg, CEO.

“Typically, an operator’s only job-site options are stacking timbers or some sort of wood that they can find on site to provide height," continued Koberg.  "Wood has its own inherent set of issues, besides the fact that it doesn’t interlock, which can lead to the cribbing slipping and causing a significant problem.  ProStack cribbing solves this problem in an engineered and dependable way.”

ProStack products boast benefits that are hallmarks of DICA products. They are strong and ergonomic, impervious to environmental conditions, and manufactured from quality engineered materials.

“ProStack cribbing locks together to create a more secure set-up under the outrigger foot” says Koberg. “The more load you exert on the set-up the more it locks together, and the more it locks together the safer your set-up.”

ProStack will be available in three cribbing kit options that include either a DR36-2, DR42-2, or DR48-2 base outrigger pad, along with four cribbing blocks and one grip pad. Individual ProStack parts will also be available.